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badddfysh's Journal

Baddd Fysh
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5 auto accepts/rejects♥

One_ Read the rules; all of them
Two_ Fill out application within 24 hours
Three_ Application must be under LJ-cut
Four_ Do not post anywhere except on your own application
Five_ Put "I'm -not- just [[//another fish__ in the (sea...))" as your subject
Six_ Never delete your application unless told so by a Mod
Seven_ Hey fyshy, put Sublime as your 'music'
Eight_ Make it Friends Only

One_ No promotions
Two_ Be cruel, harsh, and most of all, show the badddfysh in you
Three_ Be active, promote, vote, and participate
Four_ Anything vulgar or long must be under a cut
Five_ Vote accordingly to applications
Six_ Racial slurs=Immediate banning
Seven_ Make all the text-only posts you want. Posts do not have to be related to the community
Eight_ Make everything Friends Only

Personality&Looks App

Looks Only App

Badddest Fysh

One_ Keep the LJ-cut
Two_ Subject = The ship has been hit
Three_ Don't be lame and choose their bad pictures. Be fair.
Four_ If you are being challenged, you may post 4 pictures of yourself, if you do not agree with the pictures they chose.
Five_ If kicked out, you may re-apply once.
Six_ Membership challenges only

Can be found here

Can be found here

Theme 1) Post pictures of anything that is your favorite color. You can find pictures on the internet or be creative and take pictures of things around you.

Theme 2) Let's say you just won 1 billion dollars. Now tell us everything you would do with it. Go on, be as greedy or generous as you want!

Online Hunt

None, just ask!